Therapies and Trainings I Provide

Sessions are of two hours or can be done through distance. All sessions follow a process of meditation and telepathy with the soul. In distance healing, you are not required to be there . You will be healed astrally and the guidance will be informed through wattsapp or email.

Solutions which help you feel happy and healthy, will be downloaded from your spirit guides, for events affecting your trauma and you will be given specific meditation exercises and switch codes for follow-up healing.

Healing Sessions :

Theta Healing(included through distance healing or phone)

Theta Healing is a deep soul healing session of about 3-4 hours where you connect to God's consciousness as an energy being  and converse with your angels and your spirit guides to take blessings and guidance . You can also take information from the akashik records and your soul guides ..

It heals to heal your soul and helps you clear problems from your present life .


Dream Interpretation

Understand Repetitive bad dreams.

It helps in removing anxiety.

Dreams often give warnings or messages that your soul wants you to hear to heal your life . When you interpret dreams, you may reveal secrets of your own subconscious mind that will help you solve perplexing mysteries of your current life . You may also hear spirits of your ancestors who give you love and affection. You may also get visits from spirits who need to be released into light 


Dreams may need to be interpreted in depth for finding clarity in life purpose .

Often , past life therapy or age regression maybe required in dream interpretation.  It usually requires spirit release of the entities seen in the dream with understanding the subconscious messages underlined.



Past Life Regression With Life Coaching for Happiness

Heal your present life

Overcome Negative Thinking Patterns.

Improve Happiness 

Get freedom from Anxiety

Heal Your Past Life Soul to be Positive...

Therapy is totally safe.

Soul Healing Past Life Regression helps to heal your life. 

Just suffering or doing work does not clear  karmic debt. Karmic debt repayment requires a clear path and positivity  in mind. You can never bypass karma however enlightened you may be. 

Soul Healing Past life therapy for Positivity reveals your correct karmic path. It helps you find inner happiness:

Deep Soul Past life healing works long term.

You will see improvements happening immediately and over six months. Overtime, your life will become more positive.

Each session is of about 2-3 hours healing and counselling.

It heals,  gives you answers and helps you be much more positive over a period of time.


Each session involves 11-15 healing methods.

Each session is programmed for your higher good by intention & affirmation.

Your problem will reduce and your happiness increase by healing, and by following the short meditation specifically prescribed after sessions.It works for life . 

There are no side effects .Soul upliftment to higher positivity is ensured. 

Please take appointment  in advance.



Black Magic Removal/Chronic Problem Removal Sessions

Divine Heaing From the Source.

Therapy is safe .

Healing raises your positivity from within.

This is a karmic process of energy healing.. 

It helps to:

Clear misunderstanding

Overcome Deep Emotional Problems

Find the karmic path of recovery of positivity

Remove Black Magic !

Delete bad memories with assistance,

Payback karmic debt with feeling positive,

Apply your Soul Lessons, 

Empower Your Soul


You Get answers for Unexplainable Issues - from your spirit guides ! 

You can Live with Clarity & a Satisfying Purpose for Higher Happiness -

Resolving deep issues helps you cope with rain more easily when problems strike as life on Earth can never be free of problems since the day- night cycle also rules human life . .


Travelling on holidays or spending on weddings will not make you as positive in life as black magic removal will. 


These sessions work at direct healing and include additional distance healing.

Spirit Attachments are released at a higher intensity than usual in distance healing.

Confusions and problems repeat and have to be removed again and again . Upto 3-11 sessions are required.

Session can be 2-5 hours while in person or remotely or online or a voice call.  

Karmic healing is vibrational. If you pay with positivity, you heal with positivity. If you pay with sadness , you can take longer to accept positivity.

Always affirm that the session be for your higher good .  

Sessions will include releasing spirits and black magic removal from 5-11 past lives . Spirits are healed and sent to realms where they can stay with less trauma or sent back to light, where they came from after healing the soul.



Black magic removal can  be done by covering 5-11 lifetimes in 3 to 5 sessions.

The number of sessions depends on your need , your response and list of problems which block your potential.

Usually, you can participate in the process and remove the black magic with guidance and understand your soul lessons but its not compulsory.

This process helps in healing bad karma in present life with finding a clear, positive soul path that helps you feel automatically positive, awakens your soul strength and helps you work on a clear life purpose to help others and self which is needed to get you contentment. Work can increase, tension relaxes and  finances improve. 

Therapy can be taken daily or on alternative days . This package can be extended upto 6 months.


Each session includes direct and distance healing . Distance healing removes spirits whenever they attack you again for the healing period. Sessions are confidential.All photos are deleted and  cords are cut after the healing period.

Changes in your action situation can take 6 days to 6 months. You will immeditately start feeling more positive. Heart will be healthier. Mind will be clearer. Hope will rise again. Your life path will show it's goal of soul ascension 


Please discuss the problem in detail person, online or on phone or online 


Information Required Before Therapy

Your information is useful to get your subconscious mind activated in healing therapy which helps you be positive automatically  from within.  Therapy is programmed for your highest and best good .

All data which includes photos and confidential secrets  will be erased after therapy.You can also give your confidential information verbally.





Marital Status 

Phone number, email  and location


Emotional problems

Physical problems 

Spiritual problems 

Dream Disturbances , Any Repetitive or lingering dream sequences

Any Relationship Problems  With Parents, Spouse , Relatives, Friends , Siblings, Children , at work aplace etc.

Past Relationships, lovers,any haunting dreams or memories

Children (alive and aborted.) 

Family members 

Dead members in the family,relatives or friends 



Obstacles faced

Traumas experienced

Reasons or Non Explainable  Feelings Of Accumulated Anger Or Sadness ( Fight  or Flight )

Conflicts in mind 

Choice of Decisions 

Any other relevant information

Photos of all involved.

Please contact us to understand how you can book a session.

Akashik Records Guidance

The Hall of Records, also called the Hall of Akashic Records is the hall where the records about all our lives are stored in full detail. It is like a Karmic library in heaven. Any life you need to review can be found there.

The lives are stored systematically. Each theme of lives has a separate record book. For example, if your main soul lesson is learning to cultivate patience, then there would be a separate record book which shows the number of lives we have lived to learn patience.

During a hypnotic session, the records can be visualized in the form of books.



 It is used to see the :

Pre-life planning stage of the current life.

Past lives planning and future progression

Where did the plan fail due to difference between theory and application in Earth? 

Path of present life purpose

Soul Lessons 










You can release spirits of entities and negative attachments from present or past life. 

Session is confidential.If possible, please send  photos of all involved,  family , friends and deceased people  needs to be shown online or  in person. These will be deleted after session.


Spirit Releasement sessions - are highly recommended for communication with loved ones, healing sadness or sickness after a death, especially if death has been sudden, or if you have a chronic negative thinking pattern or scary dreams or if someone died recently amongst your friends or family or if there has been a murder or suicide . Spirits may seek release through you if they appear in your thoughts often or if you feel very sad.

Session is about 2 to 3 hours with aura cleansing, interpretation and counselling .  In includes distance / phone/ in person session for healing of one spirit, communication and release of trauma from the life of the  spirit and your present life, viewing of past lives with the spirit and healing them . It can include healing of past lives of the spirit if death has been sudden or if the spirit has anguish. 

You cannot find out details like phone numbers, bank accounts, addresses , school name these are data of the mind not the soul.

Spirit releasement is also part of every past life regression as past lives of spirits come up if you do not release them previously. 

 The spirit releasement particularly helps  if you have a desire to die or have severe depression, unanswered questions, sleeplessness, fears, phobias, anxiety, extreme restlessness, suicidal thoughts or bad dreams.



Energy Cord Cutting involves reclaiming soul positivity. 


It has to be done with old lovers, prostitutes, casual encounters  or any deep/ sexual exchange where you want to be free after the act. Till you cut energy cords, emotional or energy residue remains  in the brain and causes increasing  feelings of emptiness or depression overtime.

If the problem is deep, it has to be done over sevearl past lives and a soul contract needs to be cancelled and replaced .


In a marriage or relationships or with parents or with siblings or at work, energy cord cutting helps feel detached from insult and more positive or successful. Energy cord cutting is done for cutting patterns of emotional trauma or excessive feelings of humiliation or dependence  on another by breaking  the emotional energy power cord between two people, subconsciously to reduce the emotional control or impact of abuse of one person on the other .

This process is needed to heal from painful relationships. 

This does not remove the person from your life necessarily . It only removes the emotional control of the person on you . It helps to increase your self confidence .

It also helps to remove energies of the other person's karma , or sadness or  anger from the past which maybe dominating your head . 

The cord can be rebuilt anytime you need to reconnect to the person . 

This can be done for living peopleor dead people. For dead people, it includes spirit release. 

The energy cord needs to be cut with exchange of soul fragmnets to bring back your positive power into your body and release the other person's energy residing automatically in you . 

This process can be done by the self daily after therapy, also, subsequently, after the session till you feel there us a need for  the abusive control of the person on you to break down . It can take 3 or 6 months of regular energy cord cutting to feel freedom in an oppressive emotionaly controlling relationship.

This process is very useful for getting over trauma of divorce or seperaton or to stay in a  detached manner with a ritualistic marriage or with  abusive people on a daily basis.


Energy Cord Cutting takes about an hour.

It can take 1 to 3 hours, depending on intensity of your problem and  number of people involved . If past lives are attached, more time is needed. Some people need only energy cord cutting and spirit release of dead relatives,  suicide cases or dead friends,  for healing. It's a powerful healing process for removing anxiety .

Consultation can be done through wattsapp , phone , email ( distance healing ) or in person . 


Heal Depression ,Move To Positivity : 3- 5 Sessions Packages

Depression heals with past life sessions for soul healing and life coaching.

Process is logical and spiritual with Past Life Psychoanalysis and Theta Healing.


You can take sessions daily or alternate days or weekly.

Sessions always heal depression with raising confidence .

Healing reduces or removes trauma from the past and helps you find a positive way to repay karma in present life .




Past Life Soul Healing Therapy for Relationships

Past life soul healing regression therapy is very useful for understanding relationships and healing sadness .

It helps in soul healing, removing anxiety, developing detachment , easy forgiveness , staying together with more inner positivity or getting seperation  and divorce.

It helps in reducing anxiety.

Ensures Body-Mind- Soul Alignment.

It helps you find why you are abused.

It helps you cut energy cords from past lives and remain connected on the physical plane. 

It helps you get an easy divorce or learn to live together in a difficult marriage.

Helps in deciding clarity on divorce, or develop detachment for staying together 

One session helps you get answers.

Subsequent sessions help in healing stress & uplifting soul to higher positivity.

It heals you with increasing your inner confidence, health,peace, motivation and happiness.



Packages of 3-5 sessions For Past Life Regression With Deep Soul Healing

 Freedom from anxiety, depression, relationship disputes, childhood memories of sadness  and grief, trauma, pain, hopelessness ....


Higher inner peace,  success, optimism, confidence,  and overcoming patterns

You can take a session daily or on alternate days or once a week. 

Sessions include 11- 22 therapies applied according to your need inclusive of : Life Between Life, Spirit Release ,NLP, Soul Healing  ,Past Life Therapy through hypnotherapy, Theta Healing, Dream Interpreattion etc..

. ..There is only one session in a day. 


Fee is Rs.7500 or 100 usd per hour for one hour sessions of soul guidance and spiritual psychic reading.

It gives information which heals your present life by mind- body- soul -hope- desire- action - intention alignment.

A Soul healing past life regression session is 2-4 hours. It solves questions and guides answers.


Package 1:- 5 sessions

There is a package discount for 5  sessions. Five sessions are each for 2-4 hours


Energy is adjusted karmically. 

Energy of the session is positive and the session is programmed for your highest and best good to increase your inner positivity and self confidence.

 Each session covers a different lifetime and a different problematic event from the past which has to be healed for present to be more positive automatically.

Clear guidance on soul lessons is received from angels and spirit guides 

This healing has to be maintained with short meditation as prescribed after sessions.

 Rest is required the night before and after session for healing to relax mind,body and soul. It will work deeply for healing  like a surgery.

This is a spiritually uplifting process in which you particitipate and it is authentic .. .You may get extra healing in unexpected areas of life,  through distance helaing and guidance from angels and spiritual guides. 

Crystal Gazing

This Therapy session helps in getting answers without your furect participation through mediumship and psychic reading.


You can ask any questions as in a regular past life regression , clear conflicts, decide choices, see different future timelines depending on your present choices.


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